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Do you?

2009-08-10 13:24:57 by ClickerMcCooCoo

Do you think that its fair that somebody can delete your review?I mean its practicly telling somebody what they can and cant think.I left a reveiw on a flash called Tede Bogey and i said it was disgusting and vile and that it didnt make me laugh and somebody,i guess it was the author deleted it and the sent me a message telling me that he deleted it.

Do you?


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2009-08-25 20:23:06

Well if you were a twisted animator who liked playing golf with feces and having sex with dead bears, you sure wouldn't like someone to sway other users to find their morality and turn against your animation that you worked so hard on... AMIRIGHT???
The comment deletion program on newgrounds is mainly used to block out small children's "thsisi so gey" comments. But it can also be used to block ethical people!

ClickerMcCooCoo responds:

first of all,you need to learn how to spell,and scondly,i think people should be able to express the way they feel about someones disgusting animation!!!


2009-12-03 01:51:48

Reviews can be deleted because there are rules about how a user is suppose to review. If a review gets enough flags (the little "X" beside the "+" and "-") then it is sent to a Review moderator. He, or she, makes the final decision if the review is abusive or not, and deletes it if it is abusive, and leaves it if it isn't. The author of the flash has nothing to do with the deletion of the review. A page you should look at are the Review guidlines _reviewing_submissions

The Review moderators of the site are listed here _moderators

ClickerMcCooCoo responds:

still its fucking stupid