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If anyone can tell me the answer please do

2009-07-27 16:09:45 by ClickerMcCooCoo

I played this game called "High Tail Hall 1.5" and after i get the E1B2 code and get the numbers I dont know what to do with them.I looked at all the reviews hoping to find something and there was nothing there so i sent a private message to the creator and he hasnt sent one back.So im posting this hoping that at least one of the thousands of newgrounders has the answer.If you do please tell me.

If anyone can tell me the answer please do


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2009-07-27 16:14:20


ClickerMcCooCoo responds:

Thank you,i never thought of that and im surprised i didnt. So once again thank you so much.


2009-07-28 23:30:06

I jerked off to that game... Until the second one came out..

ClickerMcCooCoo responds:

Nice to know.Is the second one really that bad?